What our clients and participants from our talks have to say?

 “I have benefitted from Philip Khoo’s advice in the following ways:

The Big Picture

He was able to develop a comprehensive profile of my financial status which identifies areas of my financial strengths and weaknesses.

An Objective Assessment  

He was able to provide me with an objective assessment of what needs to be done.

Allocate Resources

Facing competing priorities, such as sending the kids to college while building a retirement fund, Philip helped me to allocate resources so that both goals received the appropriate share of dollars.

Risk Management

He helped to review my personal and family protection needs to ensure that we have sufficient insurance coverage from suitable insurance plans that provides high coverage at low premium cost.

Estate Planning

He structured a Will to ensure that my estate will be distributed to my loved ones in an effective and efficient manner.

With Philip’s advice and regular reviews, I am able to provide financial security to my loved ones as well as to achieve financial independence early in life. I am impressed by his competency in financial planning, wealth management and estate planning.

I strongly recommend Philip to anyone who needs financial advisory services. I have confidence in his ability to provide value added services to his clients.”

– Mr Philips L. C. C. (Business Development Director)

Philip Khoo has been a volunteer speaker with aLife since 2007. A speaker with great enthusiasm and experience, Philip has helped our participants attending the aLife’s Marriage Enrichment Course understand the importance of holistic wealth management & estate planning. We have received feedbacks from participants that Philip was able to provide them with concrete, realistic and practical ideas on how to better manage their finances in their daily lives.

 Philip is very passionate & eager to make a difference in the lives of others. He believes in the importance of good communication and that joint financial planning as a couple are keys to a joyful and happy family.

Known for his maturity, reliability and positive attitude, Philip enjoys working with people and helping people realize their goals. I am also amazed by his drive and commitment. His strong communication skills, personable nature and sincerity make him enjoyable to work with.

The characteristic that is most commendable in Philip is his strong desire to improve in his presentation and personal development. He continues to upgrade his skill and knowledge by attending training and professional courses so as to provide better financial advice to his clients.

I would like to thank Philip for his contribution to aLife and would highly recommend with confidence that he has the competency, experience and good personality traits to provide financial advice to individuals as well as financial planning talks to organizations.

Dr Peter Chew (Chairman of aLife)

“I was referred to Philip Khoo by a relative of mine to discuss on my financial planning needs. Philip offered me a complimentary first consultation where he provided me with an overview of how holistic Wealth Planning was able to cater to my financial needs. I was impressed by his extensive knowledge and experience with regards to Wealth management as well as Estate Planning. Being passionate about Planned Giving, he also shared with me how he structured his personal Will and Living Trust so as to provide a lasting legacy to his family, descendents and Charity. It was a comprehensive and well thought out Estate Plan that reaffirmed my confidence in his expertise. He came across as someone who walks the talks – advocating Planned Giving by first having one in place for self.

Before meeting Philip I had always thought that Will can only be done at lawyer’s office. In the comfort of my home, he listened to me and through holistic Wealth Planning, understood my financial situation and needs well. He highlighted to me issues or concerns that needs to be addressed in my Will so as to cater to my situation and financial objectives. The Will was subsequently drafted and vetted through by legal counsel from Rockwills Corporation Pte Ltd. For a reasonable Will-writing fee, I had access to the experience and knowledge of Philip (Certified Financial Planner) as well as the input from legal counsel of Rockwills Corporation Pte Ltd. To protect my Will, I had it safely kept for lifetime with Rockwills Custody. A Personal Assets & Documents Inventory booklet was provided to me to document my assets, their locations, important contacts and my last wishes to my loved ones.

I receive market updates and investment review from Philip regularly. His work is thorough and he performed his services in a prompt and professional manner. I am delighted with his services and with him as an individual. He continues to impress upon me as someone who is very knowledgeable, trust worthy and extremely personable.

To anyone who needs Wealth management or Estate Planning assistance, I strongly recommend the holistic Wealth Planning provided by Philip.

Again, I would like to thank Philip for his guidance, knowledge, patience and expertise. He is a wonderful person to work with and I look forward to a long-term professional relationship with him.”

Dr Lim T. T. (Research Scientist)

 Philip was able to connect secular estate planning with scriptures and brought to mind our role as Christian Steward of the earthly wealth that God had entrusted to us. His ability to explain difficult legal terms like trust deed, donee, intestate into easily understood concepts had engaged the participants well throughout the talk. The active participation and positive response from the audience indicated the success of the talk. I would recommend this Christian approach to estate planning talk to our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.”

– James Galvin Loh, Parish Pastoral Council, Church of Our Lady Queen of Peace.

“It was an eye-opener for me to learn about estate planning from a Christian perspective – as an act of good stewardship so that our legacy can be perpetuated for the good of future generations and society.  It was also a very interesting presentation by Philip . The use of case studies and practical examples, especially from his personal estate plan was very helpful in bringing the concepts and ideas across. I will definitely recommend Philip’s talk for all who are keen to learn about the why’s and how’s of Christian estate planning.”

– Laura Chua, Church of Christ the King.

 The Christian Estate Planning talk given by Philip helped me to have a deeper understanding of estate planning from a Christian perspective. I found the talk to be very useful and comprehensive. I was enlightened by the concept of current giving. This talk had helped me to have a better understanding of wealth transfer as a Christian and I would like to recommend it to our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to attend.”

– Dr Aloysius Soh, Church of St. Ignatius.

Philip was able to enlighten me with appropriate examples, tools and processes, as well as extinguish any doubt or fear that I had. I have benefited from listening to him and would strongly recommend relatives and friends to attend his talk.”

– Angeline Ee, Church of St. Ignatius.

“Until I attended Philip’s talk I had no idea about estate planning.  My notion of financial planning was just to save money, buy some insurance, and if some spare cash to invest in some shares. Of course there will always be day to day expenses being set aside. What prompted me to come to listen was that it was a new refreshing perspective to look at stewardship of God’s gifts (not only money but the people and values we love and care for). Everyone has some form of wealth (tangible and intangible) and it is important that we understand why as Christians we never forget where our true treasure lies. The method of tangible wealth transfer was dealt with in greater detail and the interesting mechanism of the trust deed was introduced to me for the very first time (note: there are differences between a Will and a Trust Deed which Philip explained quite clearly). I do recommend this talk to anyone including non-Christians who will find some aspects very applicable so long as they believe in a Supreme Being.”

– Edmund Wong, Church of St. Francis Xavier.

“I just noted that the estate planning that Philip planned for himself, suited me quite nicely…. the additional items I learnt from the talk would be how to hand down some legacy or advice to the loved ones after my demise (that though never occurred to me before). I had benefited from the talk.”

– Stephen Wee, Church of St Francis Xavier.

“Not many of us think hard enough about our demises. The real life examples of family disputes resulted from lack of planning over the handling of our assets/liabilities were key factors which encouraged me to find some answers from the talk. The wealth transfer process I learnt helped me to attain a peace of mind knowing how a will/trust provides our loved ones with security by avoiding unneccessary disputes in our absence. It helps to perpetuate our Christian values/beliefs even when we are no longer around. With professional advice, we can avoid the mistakes or problems which may arise in the future. Philip is engaging and patient throughout his presentation. The knowledge and professionalism displayed by Philip would benefit those who wish to make an informed decision on estate planning.”

– Vincent Yee, Agape Community Church.

The Christian approach to Estate Planning talk conducted by Philip was an eye opener to me. It serves as a reminder to use what God has put in our hands to help expand His kingdom.”

– Rosemarie Chew, Agape Community Church.

“Cheryl and I just started looking seriously into our financial planning and decided to look into will and estate planning as part of our entire research. We were invited by Philip to hear his talk on this matter and were very much enlightened on the hows and whys of it. Philip’s presentation of diagrams and case studies were very helpful in illustrating the many different scenarios possible, and gave us a clearer understanding of what we should be planning for. No matter what age group you’re at, such advice is essential to anyone’s life.”

– Jonathan Wee & Cheryl Han.

The Christian approach to Estate Planning talk conducted by Philip had enlightened us about our roles as Christian Stewards and that Charitable Givings can continue even when we leave this world. It is a legacy that can carry on for generations.”

– Steven & Josephine Tang, Blessed Sacrament Church.

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