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Why do business with us?

About Caritas Legacy & Estate Planning Pte Ltd

Caritas Legacy & Estate Planning Pte Ltd was founded by Philip Khoo, a qualified Financial Consultant who has been providing financial services for more than 20 years - covering insurance, stock-broking, banking, financial advisory and estate planning. Caritas Legacy offers services ranging from comprehensive estate planning, facilitating Will-writing & Trust related services to conducting financial education seminars for individuals.

About the Founder

Philip Khoo is a Certified Financial Planner (CFPCM) and a member of Financial Planning Association of Singapore. He has also received the Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPPTM) designation awarded and accredited by the Society of Will Writers & Estate Planning Practitioners (UK) and Estate Planning Practitioners Ltd. He holds a Bachelor of Law (Hons) degree from the University of London, United Kingdom and a Bachelor of Business Administration degree majoring in Finance from National University of Singapore. Since 2007, Philip has been a regular volunteer speaker on financial planning for newly married couples at Marriage Enrichment Programmes conducted by aLife, a charitable organization that nurtures and promotes healthy family life in Singapore. Philip’s passion and commitment to social work also sees his appointment as a Deputy Registrar and Licensed Solemnizer by Registry of Marriages, Singapore.

Our Vision

To be the preferred and trusted provider of legacy and estate planning services in Singapore.

Our Mission

To inspire and help our clients leave a Legacy and make a difference in the lives of their loved ones. This is done through holistic estate planning that provides financial security and economic freedom for themselves, their families, other beneficiaries during their lifetime and thereafter.

Our Values and Principles

Our clients’ interests always come first! We believe that a high degree of integrity, ethics and professionalism are crucial to our success in providing excellent personalized services and building a long trusting relationship with our clients.

We are committed to provide comprehensive and value-based estate planning services where our clients can rely upon to obtain a one-stop solution to all their estate planning needs. We pride ourselves in delivering quality work, offering sincere and value-added advice as well as our time commitment to meet our clients’ needs. Our estate planning process involves several meetings with our clients to diagnose their needs and identifying financial concerns before a holistic solution is recommended for clients’ consideration.

We also believe in helping the less fortunate ones in our society as well as promoting Planned Giving. Gifts, both large and small, are important. If each of us remembers a favorite charity or cause in our estate plan, the impact would be tremendous!

Established network and support

A franchisee of Precepts Legacy Pte Ltd (formerly known as Rockwills Corporation Pte Ltd), Caritas Legacy has an arrangement with Precepts Trustee Ltd to facilitate the creation of Trust. Precepts Legacy Pte Ltd and Precepts Trustee Ltd are members of the PreceptsGroup International. PreceptsGroup International is an established full-fledged estate and succession planning service provider, covering Wills, Trusts, estate administration, corporate services and education. Headquartered in Singapore, it had drafted more than 12,800 Wills and 5,500 executorship and trustee appointments (as at January 2020). PreceptsGroup International is dedicated to provide comprehensive planning and solutions for wealth distribution, wealth succession, estate administration for families and businesses.

Education and knowledge sharing

At Caritas Legacy, we believe in providing the basic education and sharing of knowledge to help clients understand the importance of Wills, Trusts and other estate planning tools that best protect their assets and beneficiaries’ interests.

Professional and personalized service

We adopt a comprehensive value-based estate planning approach that take into consideration client’s personal beliefs, expectations and circumstances that are unique to individuals. Caritas Legacy is committed to treat our clients with respect, protecting their privacy and interests at all times. We strive to deliver a personalized service experience to all our clients.

Who are our clients?

Individual retirees, professionals and business owners who value professional estate planning advice - one who desire to leave a legacy to their favorite charity and/or make a difference in the lives of their loved ones.

Our Services

We specialize in the following services:

  • Comprehensive Estate Planning
  • Christian Estate Planning
  • Planned Giving
  • Facilitating Will-writing & Trust related services
  • Financial Education seminars

Our holistic approach to the development and implementation of a comprehensive estate plan may include the following documents, tools and strategies, some of which are proprietary to Caritas Legacy :-

  • Written Estate Plan - protect against 4 financial hazards in life and ascertain amount of legacies available to our loved ones
  • Checklist of Estate Documents - help organize all the necessary documents needed in settling the estate, including getting through probate
  • 40-page Estate Planning Organizer - details last wishes, locations of personal documents/assets as well as essential information necessary in the administration of the estate
  • Guide to Will-writing
  • Guide to writing letters of endearment to our loved ones
  • Guide to duties and responsibilities of an Executor & Trustee
  • Life insurance plan to create an instant estate
  • Nominations for life insurance and Central Provident Fund (CPF) savings
  • Lasting Power of Attorney
  • Will and custody service
  • Living Trust and professional Corporate Trustee services etc

Your legacy is important. If you like us to review your Will or Estate Plan as well as to share some of our thoughts on Estate Planning strategies, click here for a complimentary 1st consultation.

Will Writing

Trust Planning

Planned Giving