Dick and Rick Hoyt – it’s all about a father’s love for his son…

Would you run an Ironman Triathlon for your disabled son with YOUR son, in a wheelchair, pushing him ahead of you or pulling him behind you? Would you do it just because your teenage son asked you to? Even if you were in your late 60s?

Dick Hoyt would, a retired Lieutenant Colonel with the Air National Guard in US. Together, Dick and his son Rick Hoyt have run numerous Triathlons (including Ironmans) as well as marathons. After watching this story via youtube, one couldn’t hold back the tears and be inspired. When we sit back and reflect upon it, whatever problems we might have is little when we experience this story of a father’s love for his son and a son’s love for his father. What frustrates life is not pain but a lack of love. We may have achieved numerous accomplishments but the one great failure in life is to have lived without loving.

Running a marathon for the love of a handicap child is no easy task. Not many are able to do it. I am sure there are many such people who have sacrificed much to take care of their handicap children or elderly parents. Many such caregiver have this concern – how to ensure that their dependents are taken care of should he/she pass on?

A living Trust or testamentary Trust with the appointment of a professional Trust company as Trustee could be the answer to this concern. Individual Trustee may pre-decease the handicap children or elderly parents. Greater professionalism and continuity are provided by a Trust Company to ensure that the financial needs of handicap children or elderly parents are taken care of in the event the main caregiver is unable to do it…

If you’ve not heard about Dick and Rick Hoyt, it’s about time that you look up the internet for their stories… be touched and inspired.

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