Will is only one of the estate planning document…Do you know you need an Estate Planning Organizer too?

This Estate Planning Organizer serves as a roadmap that details your wishes, personal documents & assets as well as essential information necessary to assist your Executor or Donee in administering your Estate effectively with minimal difficulties. This Organizer, a copy of your Will as well as other Estate Planning documents are to be kept in a secure and convenient place for ease of reference so as to spare your family a lot of aggravation in the event you pass on or become mentally incapacitated.

The Organizer shall include, among others, the following information –

  1. Personal information and location of documents.
  2. Testamentary matters – Funeral arrangements, location of Will and details of Will-writer.
  3. Listing of bank accounts, other assets and their locations.
  4. Liabilities or debts payable and to whom.
  5. Special instructions, reflections & wishes.

Why most clients engage our services? Besides recognizing the value and expertise we provide in our comprehensive estate planning services, our clients are impressed with our proprietary Estate Planning Organizer that distinguishes us from other Estate Planners. Check us out before you engage an Estate Planner. For a complimentary first meeting, pls contact us.

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