Have I told you lately that I love you?

When was the last time you received a letter from someone telling you that you are loved? It may be from your lover, your child or even your parent…How did you feel? I’m sure you were overwhelmed, appreciated … holding back the tears of joy, comfort and happiness…

Many of us are caught in the rat race and hardly spend time with our loved ones; taking for granted our family and friends who have been with us all these times. We just need to stop for a moment and ponder in our heart…Have we forgotten about the many blessings that we received, our friends, spouse and children? Have we ever said to them that we love them?

When a person passes on, his/her Will distribute all the material belongings or assets to loved ones. However, there is a document that is equally as important as a Will that most people left out – Letter of endearment. This letter expresses our love, feelings, thoughts and last words of advice to our loved ones. Why is it important? Material goods or monies will be spent away over time but the words of love will remain in our hearts forever.

It is important to write letters of endearment to your loved ones and have them kept together with your Estate Planning Organizer. How to write these letters of endearment? Let your heart guide you – reflect on the past, apologies for past neglect or hurts caused, thankful for all your blessings, express your love, words of consolation and finally ending with advice for your loved ones on the importance of living a meaningful and fulfilling life…

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