Why is your Estate Plan a legacy of eternal love?

Your Estate Plan, if properly designed is a symbol of eternal love. You worked hard to achieve personal, financial and professional growth and experienced fulfillment in life. In the course of your life you have come across people or organization that had touched you, mentored you and left a legacy for you e.g. parents, grandparents, Church, school teachers or even the friendly neighbour who had helped you before and so on.

If you were to ponder for a while, you will recall the many benefactors that had been instrumental in making what you are today. Now is the time for you to think about your life and how you can leave a legacy, to leave a trail for others to follow you.

To make a difference in others’ lives is a selfless act of love…

Everything we own comes from God. We are but trusted stewards of the gifts that God has given us – our lives, families, talents, wealth etc. As good stewards of this world, we strive to leave to our loved ones a better world. A loving heart is the only “luggage” we could carry with us beyond our stay on earth. To make a difference in others’ lives is a selfless act of love that can be good for us and for those who receive from us. If there is word that can make others feel happy, comforted and cared for, it must be LOVE

Your Estate Plan is a legacy your eternal love…

We know of friends, relatives and people who departed from this world unexpectedly. It serves to remind us the importance of living a meaningful life as well as the need to have a well-thought Estate Plan in place. Think about it, at your departure from this world, would you wish you had more time to finish your work or would you wish you had planned for the livelihood of your loved ones whom you left behind? Would you wish you had left a legacy to your favorite charity?

Your legacy is IMPORTANT! The memories of your gifts will never be forgotten. They serve to remind the receivers that they, too, can emulate you and make a difference in the lives that follow. Your Estate Plan is indeed a legacy of your eternal love. Your gift of love may not make the world go around, but it sure makes others’ ride in this world worthwhile.

Remember, it’s not just what you leave to your loved ones but it’s what you leave in their hearts!

“…from everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.” – Luke 12 : 48

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